Conferences, Awards & Corporate Events

Communication is Everything

Silverbox is known for outstanding stage design for corporate events. The team works with you to create exceptional live, virtual & hybrid events with experiences to inspire your audience.

Set & Stage Design



Silverbox designs and builds exciting and original sets whether for live or hybrid events.

The creative in-house carpentry team have use of high-end CNC technology for bespoke construction and branding.

The team is here to support your project through the design process and to realise your vision.

3D Renders & Visuals


Silverbox designs and creates fantastic, lifelike 3D visuals and renders to help you visualise your project or to communicate with your clients, in-house or external.

As your project develops, so drawings map the future reality and make its seamless delivery the outcome of detailed planning.

Projection Mapping


Projection mapping technology is evolving fast and the Silverbox team’s experience and working knowledge mean we have become the first choice for many productions.

A fun and exciting challenge was working for the Bolshoi ballet .

LED Walls


LED has become an important component of modern-day productions. With various high-resolution options available, Silverbox has the right product for your event. From 5.9mm versatile and bright outdoor screen (up to 6000 nits) to 3.9mm and 2.5mm high-resolution indoor products.

Silverbox specialises in the supply of LED curtain, also known as video mesh, to extend video imagery over large areas or around non-standard shapes. This is then fully integrated into the overall visual impact of the event. A demo of LED mesh can be arranged, just contact us using the form below.

Sound Production


With stock of leading brands including D&B, Turbosound, Funktion One, MC2, Midas, Full Fat Audio, Klark Technik, Yamaha, Sennheiser, Shure and Rode, among many others, Silverbox provides first-class audio at competitive rates.  

Decades of experience, an in-depth understanding of acoustics and an ear for exceptional, high-end audio quality make Silverbox the perfect partner for shows of any size.

Lighting Design


Lighting creates the mood and the mode for every event.

The team of in-house designers at Silverbox has the experience and imagination to light up the show, delivering creative and inspiring lighting designs.

As with set design, the team uses 3D design and WYSIWYG to produce plots, visuals and plans deploying lighting equipment from a huge range of manufacturers including Robe, Martin, Aryton, Chauvet, Prolights, Astera & GLP.

Video Services


Silverbox integrates video production into events and projects using a wide range of technology supplied by companies such as Barco, Analogway, Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Black Magic, Roland and Apple.

As technology develops, so the capabilities of Silverbox are enhanced to ensure equipment remains at the forefront, for everything from a simple switcher for 2 laptops to a Barco E2 with up to 40 different outputs.

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