Design & Installation

Custom-designed, purpose-built, technical installations 

Silverbox is experienced in the design, supply and build of high-end custom audio, lighting, video and effects installations. The company has the resources to provide initial design concepts and consultation through to installation, commissioning, staff training and ongoing support.

Performance Venues


Music performance is part of the Silverbox pedigree, from intimate venues to large theatres and concert arenas.

The team has worked in concert, theatre and arena venues for many years and has a clear understanding of how to match outcomes to budgets to achieve the best possible technical solutions. 

From simple upgrades to complete venue designs, Silverbox engages its resources to specify the most complete, cutting-edge and cost effective solutions build around exceptional standards and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.


Leisure Venues


Having designed and built some of the smallest and largest leisure venues in Europe, Silverbox has the experience to design technical installations to exceed all expectations.

The company’s portfolio includes some of the most impressive leisure venue work imaginable, get in touch to find out what Silverbox could do for you.

Special Projects


Silverbox has been involved in a number of non-standard, specialist projects ranging from various holographic video work, audio-art installations at prestigious country houses, a tactile noise production at the Tate Modern and wave field synthesis installations around the UK.

If your requirement is non-standard and requires the application of specialist knowledge, Silverbox has the expertise and imagination to be the perfect partner.

Studios & Corporate AV Installations


Through the development of Silverbox Studios and having built many examples for other clients too, Silverbox has experience of a wide range of studio design and build projects.

These have been as diverse as acoustically treated and sound-proofed rehearsal rooms, through to large format orchestral recording spaces, TV facilities, audio control rooms and film stages.

AV spaces for corporate use with large screens, projection, intelligent lighting and integrated conferencing with attention to all the little finishing details are equally part of Silverbox’s wide-ranging portfolio.

Wedding Venues

Silverbox has considerable expertise in the installation of discreet, high-end systems for wedding venues. Employing distributed sound systems,  Silverbox is able to provide exceptional audio quality where it’s wanted whilst keeping conversational areas pleasantly quiet and ensuring that nearby residents cannot hear music through intelligent and transparent limiting systems.

Combined with effective but classy lighting features and custom programmed control panels that are simple to operate, a Silverbox system ensures that any wedding venue is a high-end installation where the tech does not dominate, rather supports and enhances the wedding experience.

Silverbox provides maintenance and live tech support, recognising that wedding venues rarely have specialist technical staff.

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