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24th November 2022

In addition to its partnership with WestNally consultancy’s Patrick Nally to offer a full spectrum of Events to Experiences to Sports Federations, Heritage destinations and Brands, Silverbox Group is launching Trignite its specialist Web 3.0 and metaverse joint venture …

Trignite is a joint venture with dbis Silverbox and Silverbox Production which brings together the Silverbox Group offer in mixed reality from education to delivery: Silverbox is the physical events company which does digital and the digital immersive experiences company which does physical.

Trignite offers Trignition 101, an introductory workshop for Brand and venue owners to explore the buzzwords, their meaning and applications including what to avoid. This is followed by a strategic engagement – Trignited – which enables our partners to identify opportunity and specific projects to engage in multi channel solutions and applications.

What is really different about Trignite is that the engagement then moves seamlessly into implementation and delivery through dbis, Silverbox Production and partners with the consultancy hat being exchanged for the Account Director’s hat without rebriefing, assembly of a specialist supplier base or delays recruiting specialist in-house personnel. The crossover between strategic advice and actual delivery is seamless.

Marco and Bardia are also Managing Partners at FuzeQube Group, an innovation ecosystem currently focused on meaningful Web3 adoption. Both of them have academic and professional backgrounds in digital innovation and associated consulting. They are graduates of the MSc in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation at the London School of Economics (LSE), a world leader in socio-technical research and information systems. Their academic expertise thoroughly informs their approach to strategy and brand architecture, which they have applied advising a wide range of luxury brands over the years.

Trignite’s founding partners, together with Martin Dyckhoff of Silverbox Production and Angus Chu of dbis are Marco Kogler and Bardia Bijani and it is their experience of increasing the proportion of strategic engagements becoming delivered projects in their advisory work which has inspired the creation of Trignite.

A new partnership

26th September 2022

Silverbox are delighted to announce our new partnership with dontbelieveinstyle who deliver creative solutions with integrated technology and experience design.


We are now their European partner and base and delighted to be making ideas happen as part of the new Silverbox Group strategy ‘From Events… to Experiences’.



Silverbox is delighted to share a new In The Room Global session.

22nd September 2022

Use the tech itself to experience the transformation of Q&A and breakouts for conferencing and Events.

Now we have our own Silverbox session for you to put your live questions about the tech to Silverbox Director Jim Williams…

Injured Jockeys Fund Conference 2022 

17th May 2022

Injured Jockeys Fund Conference

The Silverbox Events Team delivered the Injured Jockeys Fund Annual Conference @Newbury Racecourse.

Our Client kindly sent us this testimonial…

Jim and his team were completely professional throughout and we felt looked after and supported from start to finish. They listened to what we were hoping to achieve and made it happen. Our Vice Chairman and host of the day Ed Chamberlin commented on the high quality of sound and overall production. Thanks so much, we look forward to working with you in the future.

8th March 2022

Silverbox partners with In The Room


Silverbox is delighted to announce a new partnership with In The Room Global which will see In The Room’s technology transforming Q&A and breakout.

In The Room Global is a conversational media company whose technologies create the remarkable experience of a unique face-to-face encounter online using voice recognition, AI, and bespoke video content.

READ MORE about this exciting new partnership.

TagMix demo at Silverbox Studios
Thursday 3rd March at 5.30pm


22nd February 2022

Monetise pre-tour prep – and fanbase social media shares throughout the tour…

  • Final run through at pre-tour prep streamed live from Silverbox Studios – priced for volume to recover prep costs, create excitement around the tour and provide a bonus to the fans
  • Competition winners from ticket holders for the tour and the artist’s super-fans attend the live stream at Silverbox Studios and post high quality Tagmix shares on socials
  • TagMix replace the fan’s mobile device audio seamlessly using AI with a broadcast quality feed supplied by Silverbox
  • The best fan shares are reshared by the artists on their social channels
  • All TagMix user posts carry links to artist’s music and merch…
  • TagMix is deployed on the tour, audiences at every show share great sounding content to reach artist’s global fanbase from every leg of the tour, TagMix videos carry links to music, merch and competition rewards (think Tik Tok for live)
  • Silverbox fully controls the audio ‘media-feed’ to TagMix for quality purposes
  • TagMix supplies rights owners with reference files to track, trace and monetise all social posts from the audience (even if created without using TagMix)

And, it opens up the option of an end-of-tour instant nostalgia fest streamed event for fans: Relive the show one more time

Managers Mystery Tour 2022 

15th February 2022

Silverbox Studios is delighted to be welcoming MMF Managers, Accelerator Managers and Tour Managers to our acoustically treated pre tour prep/filming and rehearsal spaces

The Magical Mystery Tour 2022 will be leaving Ealing Broadway in the morning by coach at 11am and returning by early evening (approx.. 5pm) for:

  • Live performances from S1mba and stayMellow
  • Studio showcase
  • Free lunch
  • Tech Demonstrations including lighting, LED, LED mesh, Audio – and a demonstration of TagMix
  • Photo opportunities with ‘a certain’ famous tour bus…

Silverbox partners with TAGMIX


4th February 2022


The scenario:

Artist tour sells out… The full production final rehearsal is filmed at Silverbox studios as ‘live stream’.

The live stream is launched as a pay-per-view event either discounted or free for ticket purchasers of the tour. Contact information for the tour attendees is captured and a competition is run to win tickets to attend the live stream filming at Silverbox studios.

The exclusive invitation-only studio audience (made up of competition winners and Artist’s super-fans) all use TagMix to create great sounding user generated content at the streamed event, the best of which the artist posts on their social channels to create excitement around the forthcoming tour.

All TagMix user posts carry links to artist’s music and merch. Artist goes on tour…

TagMix deployed on the tour, audience at every show share great sounding content to reach artists’ global fanbase from every leg of the tour. TagMix videos carry links to music, merch and competition rewards (think Tik Tok for live).

Silverbox fully controls the audio ‘media-feed’ to TagMix for quality purposes to meet high standards of excellence with ambient mics to capture the audience participation.


Unique digital assets are created for the artist at Silverbox studios and made available to purchase in the TagMix app to ‘pimp-up’ the fans social posts enhanced with stickers, logos and great Pro-Audio sound.

TagMix also supplies rights owners with reference files to track, trace and monetise all social posts from the audience (even if created without using TagMix).

All this activity drives a constant feed of content for social media and marketing purposes.

Artist tour campaigns lead to more album streams and merchandise sales, additional revenues from tracking social media posts and digital asset sales in-app.

Finally, it opens up the option of an end-of-tour instant nostalgia fest as a streamed event for fans so they can relive the show one more time.


Tagmix, the live music sharing app which gives fans the ability to share the music (not the noise).

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