Silverbox Sport

Full technical production for match days and sporting events

Silverbox Sport provides tech-production tailored to the requirements of sporting events.

From match day activation performances of sound, light and video, to radio game adjudication for officials and much more.

Show lighting & effects


Silverbox uses intelligent lighting, LED, effects, timecoding and use of colour to create a vibrant event atmosphere.

Incorporating both show lighting and competition lighting we create a seamless show from pre-game activity/performance to fully validated competition lighting.

When available we’re also able to control venue systems to fully integrate the venue lighting into the event programme.

Complete audio provision


PA and Performance packages

Rider friendly: We provide the best in audio equipment – performers that have specific technical requirements will receive the exact equipment they require.


Bespoke design for venue, sport and events

Audio clarity is of fundamental importance at sporting events. Arenas, stadia and other sporting venues often create a challenging environment for sound reinforcement. Silverbox has the experience and the right equipment to overcome these challenges to achieve clarity, authority and enjoyment.


Wireless communications

The organisation of sporting events requires large teams to work in harmony and so clear communication between all the members of those teams is absolutely critical. Custom programmed communication systems allow all personnel to talk to the right person, clearly and quickly. In particular, officials require very specific audio from the right sources to allow them to adjudicate a game efficiently – we provide exactly that.

Live RF cameras for wireless broadcast & interviews

‘In bowl’ wireless RF cameras capture key moments, dynamic game-play and interviews. We add on-screen activation to this and provide a unique perspective to create active engagement with the crowd and a more immersive and exciting experience.

Custom graphics for Series and Events

Silverbox creates custom graphics to assist in the delivery of a comprehensive on-brand experience.

Video control, mixing and streaming

‘In Bowl’ video control and venue screen takeover, supplying live fully directed video content. Timers, scoring and other VT. In house timing systems and scoring with the ability to integrate with official sponsor systems.

LED walls


Silverbox supplies approved perimeter and feature LED wall for sporting events.

We provide high resolution perimeter boards displaying sponsors’ branding and custom content.

Custom-made LED entranceways and tunnels give the impactful camera shot of the players’ entrance. Flexible LED wall can also be used to create curved features, an easy way to create a focal point and elevate the event.

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